Mindscope Twister Tracks Trax 360 Loop 15′ (feet) of Neon Glow in the Dark Track with Two Light-Up (Pulse LED) Vehicles Sports Car Series


This race track by Mindscope will give any child or even adult hours of fun. It has so many pieces to make a small track to a nice large track with loops and all along with 2 different colored cars that light up for some night time fun. The tracks are neon in color and they glow in the dark and are flexible for a different type of fun every time you play with this track.


The bright green bag that comes in the box will keep all the track pieces and cars all in one place. Everything that you need to build and play with this track is right inside of the box, except for the batteries for the 2 cars, which take 2 AAA batteries for each car. My 7 year old grandson will be so excited Christmas morning when he opens this great race track. You can also expand the track by purchasing more tracks to make one very Large track.


Any child will have hours of fun building a different track every time.

I received this product for a discount and am under no obligation to write this review and did so with no further compensation.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below:




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