Hicool Professional Cycling Gloves,Abrasion-Proof Crossfit Half Finger Gloves Most Suitable for Riding


My grandson is Obsessed with riding gloves as his Grandpa has a pair for his bike and he wanted a pair just like Grandpa. His very favorite color is Red and that is what caught my eye with these gloves.

When I received this pair of gloves and took them out of the bag, my Grandson literally ran across the room to see these gloves and asked if they were his cause they were red, Lol. He was so darn excited about these gloves and of course he had to try them on and then made Grandpa put his on so they could be alike, so cute!!!!.
Now my grandson is only 7 years old and does have some chubby fingers and I ordered the size Large and to my Surprise, they fit his fat little hands. He Loves these gloves and he keeps telling me how Awesome they are and how they are his favorite color. Before I knew it him and grandpa were outside on there bikes riding around with there new riding gloves.

My grandson is absolutely THRILLED with these gloves and have been wearing them Everyday since he got them and doesn’t get on his bike or scooter without them on his hands. I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below


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