Ledgle Living Color Table Lamp LED Desk Lamp, Elegant Mood Lamp, Rechargeable, 3-Level Brightness, Touch Sensitive Control, USB Cord Included



Oh how my husband Loves his new light for his nightstand. He has been asking me for a new light for almost a year now but nothing ever really interested me, until Now!!!!
This light has such a Sleek and Modern look and goes so well with our new modern bed and furniture that we got. I was so excited when this light arrived that I actually ripped the box trying to get it out, Lol…. It is absolutely the perfect size for our nightstand and does not take up much space at all. The light is bright but not to bright for a nightstand light and my husband likes to read before bed and he is Loving how you can move the head of the lamp to wherever he needs a bit more light. It folds up very thin and the base of this light has a colored ring around it that also lights up but it has multiple colors that change on the base and even has a separate button for the base part of the light. The main light has different levels of how Bright or dim you want the light to be.

When my son and his girlfriend came over I was like a little kid that got a new toy and couldn’t wait to show them this super modern light and they were so Impressed with it and want one for there rooms now. I am so Impressed and Thrilled with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a Great lamp.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below


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