If you are one to keep your lawn looking Beautiful and Lush Green, I would definetly recommend this product!!!!! I am truly impressed with how well this product spread my grass seed and fertilized my whole front yard in less than 15 minutes!!!!

When I received this product my husband and I grabbed the bag of grass seed and our fertilizer and started the process of making our front yard Lush and full of life. The first thing that we did was put the seeds into the canister all the way to the fill line that is marked on the canister, then we grabbed our bag of fertilizer and put that directly on top of the seeds and filled the fertilizer up to the top of the cap area. After that we went outside and grabbed the water hose and connected it to the canister, which is just screwing it on to the canister.

My husband started the water and you can see inside the canister how the water combines the seeds and fertilizer together to mix it up so that it spreads evenly across the yard. I was not sure that the seeds were coming out as you can’t really see them so I had my husband go around the tree so I could see if it was even coming out and I was very Impressed with how well the seeds were spreading as I could see just how much were around the tree (see pictures below).

I have to say that my husband and I are so impressed with this product and love that we now have no patches in the front yard and how well the grass has grown and how beautifully our front yard looks. If you are looking for a product to make seeding and fertilizing quick and easy, I Highly recommend this product!!!! You won’t be sorry you did as we are Thrilled with it!!!

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below

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