Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Electric Hair Clippers Hair Trimmers Hair Cut Kit, Comes with Two Lithium Batteries, fits Infants, Children and Adult



I was a hairdresser for  years and I loved it, but unfortunately my RA got the best of me and am no longer able to cut hair. One of the hardest things was holding the hair Clippers as they are heavy and my hands stiffen up and it was very hard to hold them.
When this set arrived, I was so Impressed with everything that comes in this set, as it has whatever you need to give that perfect hair cut.


Along with the wireless Clippers and attachments it also has the oil to keep your Clippers in good working order. Not only do you get all that, it also has a great pair of cutting scissors that allow you to do a professional hair cut.
I used this set on my husband as with the warmer weather coming he wanted his hair buzzed. I can not tell you how lite weight these are and I absolutely love that there is no cords to get in your way of cutting.
When I was cutting my husbands hair he asked me if they were even cutting his hair as there was No pulling or tugging on his hair. These Clippers cut his hair so easily and was able to trim around his ears and along his hair line for a perfect cut.

I am so very happy with this Clipper set and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a Great Set of Clippers. I received this product for a discount my honest unbiased review.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below

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