GERO Tactical Hard Locking Steel Metal Gun Case with Foam Padding and Security Cable for Pistols Handguns Cameras Electronics Knife Credit Cards and Accessories



If you have a hand gun and are looking for a case to keep it put away with a lock and locking cable, try this little case out.
When my husband purchased his hand gun he didn’t get a case to store it in, so being a mom and grandmother it was mandatory that he have a case that would keep it safe.
When this case arrived, it came in a nice box with the case, keys (2), and a locking cable to be able to lock it under your seat or wherever you want to.

My husbands gun fits perfectly in this case and with the padded interior of the case keeps the gun from sliding inside this case and NO scratches.

We are very happy with this product and I am even more happy knowing that it is safe and put up from any child being able to get to it. I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.


If you would like to purchase please go to the link below

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