Mpow MLens V2 Professional 2 in 1 Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye Lens with 10X Macro Lens for All 37mm Diameter Thread and Smart Phones



Now a days Everyone is using there phones to take pictures and Mpow has done it again with this Amazing 2 in 1 Fish Eye Lens. I am so Impressed with this product and how my pictures look with the fish eye lens on. The pictures are so Crystal clear and this lens give you many different options to capture that perfect moments.




I love the fish eye effect as it shows your pictures in a circle and it’s amazing what fits in that circle compared to not having it on. The other lens allows you to get up and personal with very close up pictures.




It’s nice that they also included a very nice and soft bag to store your lens and keep it from scratches. I will be using the box for storing as it is in a perfect size box and everything is nicely tucked in a nice soft bed and both ends of the lens have a cap to also help with scratches or even dust.




Now this is just not for your phones, as you can connect this to your cameras or even your video recorder. I personally use my phone for EVERYTHING so I will continue to use it this way.




I am so happy with this product from Mpow and I know you will to.

I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below

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