King Size Assure Sleep Plush, Circle Quilted Hypoallergenic, 100 %, Water Proof Mattress Pad – Vinyl Free


I wish I would have had this mattress pad when I got my New mattress last year. I have a 16″ memory foam mattress and it’s so hard to find “Deep Pocket” mattress pads, as they always fall off the bed and then my husband is yelling at me, Lol.
This King size mattress pad arrived quickly and was exactly what I was looking for. When I received this I grabbed my husband right away to put on the bed. I was so thrilled when we put this on the bed and it went Under the mattress and not just half way down the mattress.

We have been enjoying not having to put the darn mattress pad back on every morning when we make the bed.
Now that our 80lb puppy can get on our bed, he has decided to start sleeping with us. I’m ok with him sleeping with us, but he is part Great Dane and drools so Much!!! It was a necessity to get one that fits, stays on, and protects my mattress from the puppy drool, actually like a water fountain, Lol.

If you are looking for a Great cover to protect your mattress, give this one a chance. I know my husband is quite happy with this product. I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.


If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below

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