EsiCam World First HD Backup Camera with Flashlight


This camera arrived very quickly as camping season is just about to start, and I’m so excited!!!!!

Let me say that this camera is so much more than just a backup camera. Not only does this camera help you RV’ers that yell at your wife’s who are only Helping you connect to the trailer, but it also has a very Bright flashlight on it, so even if it is dark outside you still can backup right to your hitch and have plenty of light to see.

Connecting to the App and getting the camera to your phone or tablet was pretty easy as you just need to download the App they provide and follow the prompts on your phone, to find a connection and before you know it, you have Live Streaming of what your camera is looking at.

Once you get your connection, you can place this camera anywhere you want, whether it’s on the trailer hitch to help you connect, as this camera has a Very Strong magnet that will keep your camera exactly were you want it, or you can mount it on the back of the trailer.
With camping season only being 6 months out of the year here in Ohio, you can take your camera to your home and use it as a security camera as well. That way your camera is getting used even in the cold months as it is weather proof.

Along with all that, this camera is also a Security Alarm. When you have it turned on at night and there is motion in the cameras range, it will alarm you that someone or something is behind your trailer, or if you have teenagers you might want this on if they like to sneak out, Lol.
The picture is in HD and is a very clear picture and has 7 hours of run time.

Everything that you will need to get this camera hooked up is right in the box and they provide the QR code for you to download the App. Of course you will be using either your phone or tablet as this camera runs off of Android or IOS, we tried both as my husband and I have different phones. This camera also comes with a 1 year warranty, so you really have nothing to loose.
If you have a older camper that does not have the backup camera like the new ones have, here is the time that you can be just as cool as the ones that already have it on, and you won’t be yelling at your Wives, Lol… which definitely makes camping more enjoyable.
I will be recommending this product to all my friends at the campground that are looking for a Great backup camera. I did receive this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link below


3 thoughts on “EsiCam World First HD Backup Camera with Flashlight

  1. Cannot set up my Esicam model Eh05, can’t get any help from the company, do you have an Email address for support and/or a phone number to contact them. Cannot even register it.


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