PrettyGuide Women Vintage 1920s Sequin Beaded Double Side Scalloped Hem Flapper Dress



I am so thrilled with this dress and I will be looking Amazing for my 25 year class reunion. This dress arrived very fast and when I pulled it out of the bag, let me tell how big the smile on my face was, Lol…… This dress is so Beautiful and I can not wait to show it off to all my friends and family.

This dress is very light and I know I will not have any problems in the Hot months of summer wearing this dress. It is so light weight and comfortable it will be able to breath even though it will be very Hot in the month of July here in Ohio. I ordered a size Small and I weigh about 115 lbs, and it fits me Beautifully. When my husband came home from work as I was trying it on for the first time, he literally took a double take as he thought that it was absolutely beautiful and kept telling me how Beautiful I looked in this dress.




The beading on the dress is what truly makes this dress Sparkle and give it the look that it has which is Amazing and I could not be happier with this dress. The black lining inside of this dress is just as light as the rest of the dress and it definetly blocks out any type of light so you will not have to wear a slip under this dress as it already has one built into it. The less extra clothes I have to put on in the summer months the better and this dress is going to be Perfect for the Summertime.


If you are looking for a dress that will knock the socks off your friends and family, I Highly recommend this dress as you will not be sorry you did. I am so happy with this dress that I will be buying more in the different color it comes in.
I received this dress for a discount for Honest unbiased review.


If you would like to purchase this dress, please follow the link below:

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