Reflective Safety Vest

Reflective Safety Sports Vest “Easy Fit” XS-XL – Warn Drivers Outdoor Running Cycling Walking – Easy Fit – Men Women Children + 3m Bands & Pouch – Night Gear, Zip Pocket
This is exactly what my Grandson wanted Mammaw to get him for when we walk the dog, “so people can see me Mammaw”. He was so excited when this was delivered and didn’t even give me a chance to open it and see what was inside, Lol….
As you can see,  he is one Happy little boy. This set comes in a Great Drawstring Bag with “2” Wristbands, and a Really Great Neon Vest. This vest is so much nicer than other ones that I have seen, and made off a much nicer “Thicker” quality materials. It has a zipper pocket in the front of the vest for a bit of storage. You can put on the Wristbands with any size wrist as they have a piece of velcro to keep it on. The vest is the same as the closures on the vest are also held by Heavy duty velcro that holds very tightly.
As soon as my Grandson got himself all ready, him and the dog and Mammaw were off down the sidewalk.  All my Grandson could say was, “Now Everyone can see Me”, like a Dozen times, Lol.  The vest is a bit big on him now but he does not mind in the least bit.
If you are looking for a really well made Neon Safety Vest, try this one out. My Grandson would definitely tell you the same.
I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.
If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link at the top of this review.

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