Marsee Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones, MARSEE Bluetooth 4.1 High Fidelity Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for Smart Phones & Tablets(Black)
When I received this product, I was very happy with the way this product arrived. It came in a very nice looking box that describes what is inside of the box. Inside the box is the headphones, charging cable, cable to plug into electronic, and the users manual.
These headphones are different from my other Bluetooth Headphones that have the ear buds, as these go completely over your ears for a crystal clear experience. The fit is very comfortable with the soft ear pieces and these will fit pretty much any size head as these are adjustable.
Not only do these headphones play music,  but you can also answer calls, end calls, reject a call, even has last number redial on it. Pretty Amazing if you ask me.
They recommend that you Fully charge this headset before using for the first time, as it has a rechargeable battery.
I take these with me when going on walks with the puppy so I can listen to music and still be able to answer my phone.
Setting up was a breeze and have had no issues with the connection or any type of interference.
If you are looking for a Great Looking set of Bluetooth Headphones,  check these out.
I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.
If you would like to purchase this product, please go to the link at the top of this review.

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