Needed Light in the back of the Van

AUDEW 40 LED White Interior Light Kit For LWB Van Lorries Sprinter Ducato Transit VW
My husband has a New Chevy City Express Van that he uses for work, and he wanted the back of the van to Not have windows in it so it gets Very Dark in the back with no windows and the van is jet black. It does come with 2 lights back there but they are just so dim that they really don’t brighten up the back of the van at all. He has been asking me to keep my eyes open if I saw any type of light set for him to put in, and I came across this set and the hubby couldn’t be happier.
When the package arrived it came in just a clear plastic bag with the light set inside. I don’t think I had these lights in my hand 30 seconds and there was my husband with his hands out and a smile on his face. Within minutes he was outside installing this light set and about 15 minutes later he was back inside with a even Bigger smile on his face telling me that I have to come look how bright the back of the van is now. He opened the door and was so Impressed with this light set and how well it Lights up the Whole van. Those little LED lights have one powerful punch of light.
On the back of each square is a sticky back that you just peel and stick were you want them. My husband said the wiring was very easy, (he is a great handyman) as it only took him minutes to install.
If you are looking for a set of lights that definitely brightens and is easy to install,  you should try these out.
I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review.
Please follow the link below if you would like to purchase this product :

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