Orico Aluminum 7-Port USB Hub with 3 Charging Ports & 12V Power Adapter



I have a few different Orico products that I use on a daily basis,  but this charging hub pretty much takes over all my other charging hubs.


With this charging hub you have 7 ports to allow a nice charge and then you have 3-ports for the lightening speed charge. This charger is compatible with external hard drive and any USB device along with the compatibility of Windows, Mac, and even computers.


I use this charging hub for EVERYTHING I need charged such as ALL of our phones, tablets, laptops, my desk lamp with USB charging capabilities, and even my husbands smart watch.


Everything you need for this is right in the box with the power hub,  all the cords and users manual. The weight of this product is lightweight with rubber shoes on the bottom for a no slip hub.


If you are looking for a charging hub that will power up All your electronics,  I would definitely recommend this product. I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

Please follow the link below if you would like to purchase.


ORICO Aluminum 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 7 USB3.0 Ports, 3 Charging Ports, 36W(12V3A) Power Adapter and 3.3Ft. USB3.0 Cord for MacBook PC Laptop https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KDECEBQ/ref=cm_sw_r_em_awd_CBX2wbP47VS4N

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