Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Facial Serum

20160304_160221I have been using this product for about 10 days now and I could not be more impressed with this Facial Serum.
First of all the packaging is really nice and the box has a lot of information on it that I recommend that you read the box to get all the information you can about this product.
I use this Facial Serum in the morning after my shower and at night after I wash my face for the night. You only need a few drops of this serum, if you use to much you will know, and then I put my moisturizer on top of this serum to lock it in.  The feeling of my face with this serum on is Truly AMAZING, it makes my face feel like Silk, it is so smooth and gives my face a Glow like no other facial serum I have ever used, I even got asked if I was pregnant as the Glow is that noticeable. I have some fine lines around my mouth and eyes and have noticed that those lines have diminished quite a bit leaving my skin so smooth and has toned my skin.  The smell of this is a very light fragrance that is very pleasant and not over powering. The size of this bottle of serum is a Great size and will last you for some time even using it two times a day like I do. The bottle itself is very nice and the dropper is very easy to use and lets you control how much product actually comes out of the dropper.
I have already recommended this product to my friends and family as they have even noticed a difference in my skin and of course the GLOW that this product gives off.

I received this product for Free for my honest unbiased review, which are solely mine opinions.

Go to this link if you would like to purchase this AMAZING facial Serum:


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