Bluetooth Headphones

I have many different styles and colors of Bluetooth Headphones but of all the different colors I have, I don’t have a white pair.

When these Bluetooth Headphones arrived,  I was a bit disappointed in the packaging of this product as it was just a tiny box with the headphones in it. I know that the packaging doesn’t make the product better, but 1st impressions are very important and this had nothing impressive about it,  just a small white box with Bluetooth Headphones on it.

When I pulled these headphones out of the box they were what I expected but, with all the other types of headphones out they Always come with extra Earbuds for people with bigger or smaller ears and these came with NO extra buds, which is quite disappointing. It was very easy to connect the Bluetooth connection on these headphones and the sound is pretty good.  I also do like that it has a clip on the cord that allows you to keep the cord out of your way.

All in All, these headphones are nice but could use some improvements, I received this product for a discount for my honest unbiased review and these are solely my opinions.

If you would like to purchase these headphones, follow this link:


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