This Bluetooth LED Light bulb is so much FUN!!

Let’s get this Party Started!!!! Now this is a Party Light. My daughter and I have been seeing these around and thought it was time to take the plunge into the LED light world.

When it arrived I was just as excited about this light as my daughter was, Lol. We immediately took the bulb out of the lamp and we both loaded the app to see who could start 1st. Well she won and started the bulb in motion, it started out white then the party was on. We were smiling away at the way the lights moved and danced to the music. We had so much fun playing with the different types of lights and colors that you can change right at your fingertips.

If you are looking for a Great and Fun way to get the Party started, try this little guy out and you really won’t be sorry, we aren’t.

Go here to try this light out:


Lucero Smart LED Bluetooth A19 Light Bulb – 7.5W 60W Equivalent – RGB Multi Colored – Smartphone Controlled, Dimmable – works with iPhone, Android, Windows and Amazon Fire Phone & Tablet 20160214_12415720160214_124753

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