Great Headlamp

I wanted to find a headlamp for the hubby so that he can have both hands free while he is working on the Travel Trailers for his business.

While I was browsing I came across this little headlamp that I thought would be perfect for what he needed. It has 4 different settings depending on how much light that you need and the 4th light is a flashing light that works great for at night when you’re riding your bike and warn drivers of you.

My husband is really enjoying this headlamp and says that’s it’s very comfortable to wear and the head strap is adjustable to fit your head, and likes that the light itself is adjustable as well. His favorite thing he likes is that he can use both hands while he is working.

I would recommend this headlamp for anyone that is looking to use both hands while working or for you bicycling enthusiasts.  I received this product for free/discount for my honest unbiased review.

If you would like to purchase this product,  please go to this link:

LED Hands-free Headlamp By Mhil * Battery Powered Flashlight / Headlight * Great for Camping, Hiking, Working in the Dark, Using Without Hands * Adjustable 3-way Light & Adjustable Head Strap

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